Employee recognition has been proven to improve employee motivation and morale, boosting overall productivity and creating a positive work environment for all. At Langara, we strive to acknowledge the accomplishments of our employees through both formal and informal practices. As a leader, we encourage you to develop your own methods of recognition. Remember that recognition does not have to be costly; all it requires is showing your employees that their contributions are valued. 

The College has a number of formal recognition practices in place that are announced and celebrated on an annual basis. Visit the Recognizing Excellence and Employee Recognition sites to learn more about the following:

  • Emeritus Designation
  • Milestone Recognition (see resources for leaders below)
  • Excellence Awards
  • Retiree Recognition

In addition to the formal recognition practices, here are some ideas for informal recognition:

  • Give positive feedback - Sometimes verbal recognition is all it takes to make an employee feel valued. When you notice great performance, acknowledge the employee in a timely manner. Avoid combining acknowledgement with criticism or expectations. Say thank you. Be specific about the accomplishment, and be sincere with your words of appreciation. 
  • Share feedback - Acknowledge successes at team meetings. Keep your employees informed of their peers' successes. If you hear postive feedback about a team member from someone else, be sure to share the feedback with them.
  • Send notes of gratitude - Send at least one person in the Langara community a note of thanks each day. Make it genuine. You don't have to focus solely on your direct reports; you can also recognize fellow committee members or colleagues in other departments for their efforts.
  • Host team events - Whether it be once a month or once a year, bring your colleagues together to celebrate productive collaboration. Coordinate a team potluck or outdoor activity (the Athletics Department offers complimentary equipment rentals for ladder golf, bocce, or croquet).
  • Say hello and goodbye - This may sound simple, but it also helps you establish rapport with your team. Say hello to your colleagues when they come into work in the morning, and wish them a good evening when they head off for the night.

Milestone Program Resources