People and Culture is committed to providing opportunities for employee development throughout the year. To view a list of upcoming professional development sessions, please visit the Professional Development page. Feel free to contact your HR Consultant or email if you are interested in coordinating a session for your team.

Looking to enhance your leadership skills or assist your employees with their own? The Leadership Development page highlights what leadership means to Langara and provides resources that facilitate goal setting and action planning conversations. Check in with your employees on a regular basis to make sure they are on track for success.


Your employees may be eligible to receive educational benefits, with College approval. Visit the Educational Benefits page to access information relating to educational assistance, tuition fee waivers and reimbursements. Make sure that you read the policies and processes before signing off on any forms for your employees.

Admin and CUPE employees may request paid leaves related to career and professional development within the College. Admin employees are eligible for up to ten (10) days of professional leave per fiscal year; CUPE employees are eligible for up to five (5) days per year. Leave requests can be made by completing the Leave Request Form (available under College Forms on myLangara) and are dependent on College approval.

Faculty Development

In addition to offering College-wide professional development opportunities, Langara supports in-house development by offering a number of faculty-specific workshops through the Teaching and Curriculum Development Centre (TCDC)Ed Tech also hosts workshops for faculty members.

Faculty have access to Professional Development Funds, separated into two categories: professional development activities and educational leave activities. The section below provides a high level picture of Faculty Development opportunities at Langara. Please review Article 23 of the LFA Collective Agreement for an in-depth overview. The PD Funding section of the toolkit also offers a brief overview of the funding allocation process.

Education Leave

As per Article 23.2.2 in the Collective Agreement, "a period of subsidized leave enabling a faculty member to be freed from regular responsibilities and to be provided with sufficient resources to enable pursuit of educational or professional development recognized as beneficial to the College.

  • Directed study through educational institution
  • Directed research at an educational institution, research body, government body, etc.
  • Study/work experience at a recognized company or professional association
  • Self-directed research and/or publication"

To qualify, a faculty member must hold a regular appointment and must have completed five years of FTE service with the College. Any faculty member who takes an educational leave must present evidence of carrying out purpose for which leave was granted within one month of returning to duty. Key dates are listed below:

  • November 15 - proposals for Education Leave to be submitted to Education Leave Committee
  • January 15 - all proposals reviewed and responded to by Educational Leave Committee

*Approvals shall not be unreasonably withheld; if a proposal is rejected, the faculty member will receive feedback from the Committee and have two weeks to submit a revised proposal for immediate consideration.

Professional Development

May include attendance at conferences, workshops, or seminars that facilitate:

  • Maintenance and enhancement of skills and knowledge as approved by Department or required by licensing body
  • Adaptation to changes in teaching methods or knowledge required
  • Preparation for career enhancement within the College
  • Acquisition of expertise in the areas of college governance or management

Does not include: committee memberships, assessing/admitting students to programs, ongoing maintenance and updating of course curriculum, programming, and resources.

Leave requests can be made by completing the Leave Request Form (available under College Forms on myLangara) and are dependent on College approval.

Leadership Opportunities

There are many leadership opportunities available to faculty members, from Coordinator to Chair level. The roles are based on election, and only regular, regular in a temporary vacancy, and continuing status faculty members may be elected. The duties and responsibilities, along with the term duration, are outlined in the LFA Collective Agreement. Note that each role is unique to the respective Department, as the administrative support structure varies amongst Departments.