Our IT systems and services require several different user logins. Which Login is used for each online service? If your name is John Smith, login details would be:

Employee ID 199999999 myLangara
Computer User ID jsmith On-campus computers, myFiles and myPrint
Email Address jsmith@langara.ca
Office 365 emaileduroam WifiLinkedIn Learning, Brightspace by D2L, Compass website

Please direct them to the Employees Accounts and Passwords page to learn more, including how to reset their email and computer user ID password.  

Email Account

One of the services that is accessed with an employee’s Computer User ID (CUID) is email. All new employees must visit the IT Service Desk (entrance of the Library) to setup their CUID for the first time. The employee must bring their employee ID card. A temporary password will be generated on site, which the employee is encouraged to change as soon as possible. This will give access to the employee’s email account.

Does your new employee need access to their email account remotely before their first day on campus? You as their manager, will need to submit a ticket to IT with the employee’s full name, employee ID, phone number, and their preferred alternate (personal) email address. An IT staff member will contact the employee directly with a temporary password for their new Langara email. 

If they are not familiar with Microsoft O365, here is the training guide for them to review.