All Langara faculty members are eligible to apply for money to support approved professional development (PD) activities and/or purchases related to these activities, as defined in Article 23.2.3 of the LFA Collective Agreement. Around April 1 of each year, the College allocates at least 0.9% of total faculty salary to the PD Support Fund.  The funding is allocated to each Department's PD account, where they are administered at the Department level.

On an annual basis, the Finance Department calculates the total number of sections of faculty work done by each department in the previous year. These results are then used to calculate the per FTE distribution of PD funds allocated to departmental PD budgets. Each Department has authority over the distribution of departmental PD funds, with the expectation that all funds must be distributed fairly and equitably.

Application Process 

  1. Faculty confirms amount of PD funds available to them with Department Chair.
  2. Faculty decides how they wish to use their available funds. Use of PD funds must contribute to facilitating growth as a Langara professional in some manner.
  3. Faculty makes payment for item/activity. 
  4. Faculty completes a PD Expenses Form, attaches original receipts, and forwards to relevant budget officer for approval.
  5. Department Chair/Coordinator confirms whether the expense is eligible, based on both Department and collective agreement guidelines regarding PD.
  6. Application sent to Division Chair for signature.
  7. Division Chair Office sends original application to Accounts Payable, with a copy to the faculty member and Department Chair.
  8. Accounts payable issues a payment.

For faculty who do not report to a Division Chair, application is forwarded to relevant budget officer for signature after approval by Department Chair. For Division Chairs and Department Chairs, the Division Chair or relevant budget officer provides approval for PD applications, with the PDSF Chair (VP of LFA) acting as final signatory.


  • Faculty members on Education Leave or Renewal Leave for Excellence are eligible to apply for departmental PD funds, as are their replacements. Faculty on Education Leave accumulate PD funds during their leave, but Faculty on Renewal Leave of Excellence do not.
  • Faculty on leave for other reasons (ex. illness, pregnancy, personal) cannot apply for PD funding. The faculty member replacing a colleague on leave, however, can apply for departmental PD funding. 
  • Departmental funds will accumulate for faculty on pregnancy/parental leaves (but not for faculty on any 'additional parental leave' per Article of the Collective Agreement).  Faculty that are on sick leave also accumulate PD funds, but faculty on disability do not. Faculty may apply for their PD funds when they return to work.
  • Departments determine the criteria for allocating departmental PD funds. Consult your Department Chair, Coordinator, or Division Chair for details.
  • Departmental PD funds cannot be transferred between faculty members.
  • Departments may or may not advance accrued departmental PD money, at their discretion.
  • Faculty members who receive departmental PD funding for an expense cannot claim the same expense for income tax purposes.