The operating budget is divided into cost centres that are assigned to individual budget officers. The budget officer is responsible for managing the cost centers. This includes:

  • Ensuring that expenses are appropriate and within budget

  • Ensuring expenditures are in accordance with policies and procedures

  • Resolving insufficient budget issues (NSF) if they arise

  • Delegating their responsibilities when away from the College

Budget Officer Information

The Budget Officer Information section on the myLangara home page provides information to help budget officers manage their budgets:

  • Organization Budget Status Information - includes account level information on revenues, labour and non-labour expenses

  • Position Information - details labour expenses by position

  • Organization Budget Summary Information - summarizes by account type: revenues, labour, and expenses

  • Organization Budget Executive Summary - provides the ability to view consolidated financial information for all sub-organizations and lists budget officers of each cost centre

  • Vendor History Information - allows you to search by vendor if you are looking to find out status of a particular invoice

In addition to the areas listed above, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the Financial Signing Authority Policy.

Insufficient Budget (NSF) Conditions

Banner has been set up to flag situations when there is insufficient budget available in a cost centre. All expenses are pooled together – this means that the system looks at the total available expense budget, not line item by line items. Note that for labour expenses, NSF condition is determined position by position, not by line item. Below is a list to consider if your budget is NSF:

Determine if the year to date charges are correct:

Determine if commitment amounts are correct:

Work with your supervisor to determine if your budget needs to be adjusted. In order to process a budget adjustment we require:

  • An explanation of the required change (budget adjustments must net zero)

  • Approval from the applicable budget officers and executive budget officers

Delegating Signing Authority

To delegate signing authority, complete the Temporary Budget Officer Form, available on myLangara:

  • Click on the College Forms tab

  • Click on Financial Services Forms

  • Click on Budget Officer