Langara’s academic mandate is guided by the Interim Vice-President, Academic, Margaret Heldman. She works closely with the academic deans, division chairs, department chairs, program coordinators, faculty, and staff, and provides leadership for Academic Innovation.



There are five academic dean positions:

  • Julie Longo, Dean, Faculty of Arts
  • Susan Kelsall, Dean, Faculty of Management
  • Ann Syme, Dean, Faculty of Nursing
  • Gerda Krause, Dean, Faculty of Science
  • Elizabeth Barbeau, Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences and Community Programs

Division Chairs

There are eight division chair positions:

  • Darren Bernaerdt, Creative Arts and Industries
  • Tess MacMillan, Humanities
  • Marianne Gianacopoulos, Management Programs
  • Wanda Pierson, Nursing
  • Robin Macqueen, Applied Sciences
  • Nora Franzova, Mathematics & Sciences
  • Jim Bowers, Community Programs
  • Sandra Enns, Social Sciences

 Associate Vice-Presidents

  • Jody Gordon, AVP Students
  • Julie Longo, AVP Academic (interim)

Please refer to the WorkDay Directory which contains contact information for all faculty and staff at the College.


Library Services and Learning Commons
  • Deborah (Debbie) Schachter, Director

Academic Plan (2014-2019) - new plan t.b.d. Summer 2021

Langara’s Academic Plan provides a roadmap that will lead us toward academic success. It reflects our values as one of BC’s leading undergraduate institutions and presents a set of carefully considered goals that will guide the development of learning experiences at the College.


The current Academic Plan encompasses five priorities:

  1. Learning and Teaching
  2. Student Support
  3. Aboriginal Initiatives
  4. International Initiatives
  5. Environmental, Financial, and Social Sustainability

Each priority is led by an Academic Plan Action Group (APAG), which is comprised of a chair and members from various faculties, departments, programs, and services. The work of each APAG is guided and supported by the Academic Plan Advisory Committee (APAC).