Nov 1, 2011

For the 2011-2012 academic year, Langara's University Quality Alliance (UQA) Program has developed into a truly nationwide partnership program. The current university partners now include the University of Victoria, the University of British Columbia (Vancouver and Okanagan), the University of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon), York University (Toronto) and Saint Mary's University (Halifax).

Each of the UQA partners offers students a different experience both culturally and academically. Each of these universities are among the best in Canada, but offer a diversity unmatched by any other program. As Canada's premier university transfer institution, Langara wants to assist students in attending the best programs at the best universities in the country, and want to provide the options to students that might not be afforded through other pathways.

For students currently studying in or considering studying in high school programs in Canada, the UQA program includes the following school districts: Vancouver School Board, Richmond School District, Burnaby School District, Greater Victoria School District and the Saskatoon School District. Each of these school districts and cities offer international students strong programs both academically and culturally to provide them with a strong foundation to set them on the best academic pathway towards excellence in their post-secondary studies.

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