Jul 10, 2012



  1. Briefly introduce yourself.

    My name is Yong Suk Cho and I’m from Korea. I’m taking the UT program at Langara and I’m majoring in Finance.

  2. Tell me a little bit about what you are studying.

    I am taking four courses this term. They are Marketing, Statistics, Economics and Organizational Behavior.

  3. What are your educational goals?

    After I finish the UT program at Langara, I would like transfer to university to get my undergraduate degree.  Afterwards, I would like to get an MBA (Masters in Business Administration).  

  4. How do you balance your academic and social life?

    I usually study after my classes and I hang out with friends when I have spare time.

  5. How many hours do you spend on your studies every week?

    I study about 16 hours every week with the four courses that I am taking.

  6. What challenges do you encounter when you are studying?

    I have difficulty memorizing content. Sometimes I get bored when I have a course like History or Psychology which requires lots of memorization.  

  7. Can you give us some tips about effective studying skills?

    Turn off anything that will distract you while you are studying, such as your laptop and mobile phone.

  8. As we all know, it’s mid-term time now.   Do you have any suggestions for students on how prepare for examinations?

    • Prepare as early as possible.
    • Do as many related exercises as possible.
    • Don’t study right before the exam starts.
    • When you finish your test, take a moment to relax!

Photo and article by Joy Huang