Dec 10, 2013

International Student Interview with Maksym Sivozhelizov was conducted and written by Dmitry Vinnik - December 2013

Please introduce yourself briefly.

My name is Maksyum Sivozhelizov and I am an international student from the Ukraine and I have been in Vancouver for two years.  Originally, I came to Metro Vancouver to study at [another college], but I decided to transfer to Langara College.  I enjoy living here because it is a great place for studying and snowboarding.

You mentioned that you were studying somewhere else.  Why did you decide to change your institution to Langara?

I don't want to say anything bad about my previous college, but there were a couple of issues that I could solve only by transferring.  First of all, it was a private college and as an international student I had some problems with extending my study permit.  Secondly, I didn't have an opportunity to study what I think my passion is.

What is your passion then?

I really like computer science and this is why I decided to take the program at Langara College.

Did you have any background knowledge on the subject before you started the program at Langara?

Oh, yeah - I already have a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from my home country, but I can transfer only some courses to my transcripts.

How do you find Langara College so far?

I really enjoy the friendly atmosphere around the campus.  Everyone is ready to help with either school questions or directions.  Especially, I like our library; this is such a gorgeous building where students may relax and study.

What do you think about our multicultural environment and IE Office?

I was actually surprised, but I haven't experienced any feelings of loneliness or solitude.  On the contrary, I found many friends from different countries who share the same interests as i do.

It is nice to hear, but don't you still miss your own country?

Yeah, I do a bit, but I have lots of Russian speakers around all the time, which helps me to handle it better.

On behalf of the International Education Office, we would like to thank Maksym and Dmitry for taking the time to share their thoughts about studying abroad.  We wish them much success in their future studies and endeavors!