May 4, 2012


Photo taken by Ekta Sachdev

Name of Interviewee- Tomotaro Uejima

Hometown- Osaka, Japan

Program of study- Certificate in Computer Studies Foundation


(i) How long have you been staying in Vancouver?

  I have been in Vancouver for six months now.

(ii) When you arrived in Vancouver, what emotions were you going through?

  Excitement and anxiousness were the main emotions I had to deal with!

(iii) As an international student in Vancouver, how difficult was it to get around town initially? How would you compare it to your home country?

  It was difficult for me to take buses and manage my time. Since the buses do not come often, and sometimes, tend to be early or late, I could not manage to plan my trip the way I used to plan in my hometown.

(iv) Do you either have a u-pass or a monthly transit pass?

  Yes, I do have a upass.

(v) Are you a frequent user of the u-pass/transit pass?

  Yes, I use it almost daily.

 (vi) Did you attend any of the New to Vancouver workshops offered by the IE department?

  Yes, I have attended one of the New to Vancouver workshops.

(vii) Any particular thing which you learnt from the workshop which has helped you?

  Learning about the ‘grid system’ (according to which the streets and avenues in Vancouver are laid out) has tremendously improved my direction skills. I can now manage to figure out ways even when I am in places where I have never been to before.

(viii) What are some of the 'fun' things to do in Vancouver?

  There are many places where you can go out with friends, any time of the year! Also, since I love sports, playing badminton is one of my passions. I often pay badminton off-campus or at the Langara gym with my friends. Due to the cultural diversity of Vancouver, I can also get a chance to try different cuisines at any of the restaurants on offer. One of my personal favorite things to do, is taking a walk. The parks in Vancouver are very quiet and peaceful, and that is something I like a lot.

(ix) Looking back, is there anything which you wish you knew before you arrived here?

  Small things such as metric-imperial conversion system and nick-names for coins (such as Loonie and Toonie) would have been useful to know, before I arrived here!

Article written by Ekta Sachdev