Jan 24, 2012


Photo by Anchi Lin


Tai Selbach

Where are you originally from (i.e. home country)?


How long you have been living in Vancouver?

3 years

What is your program of study at Langara?

Fine Arts

What is your educational goal?

I would like to pursue a Master degree in Architecture in the future.

1.  Where do you make your new friends?

School and Work

2.  Do you have any tips for making a good first impression in front of new people?

Be comfortable with yourself and smile

3.   Any recommended places for international students to go to meet friends? 

I think Langara College is the best place for international students to mingle with locals. Students just need to open themselves up.

5.   How do you like to have a party?

I don’t party

6.   How do you spend time with friends without spending too much money?

I play video games and watch TV with friends at home. Sometimes I go to “All You Can Eat” sushi with friends; that way we can have as much food as we want meanwhile we can chat as long as we want.

7.   From your past experience, what is the major difference you    acknowledge between the social life here and your home country?  

Canadians are very nice and easygoing, but I found it’s easier to connect with people in Brazil mainly because we have a common language.

8.   Following up with question 7, what surprises did you experience when socializing with others here in Vancouver?

People here are very open to other people and are friendly!

9.  What cultures/countries are your friends from?

Canada and Brazil

10.  Following up question 10, how did you meet them?

School and work are the main places where I made my friends.

Written by Anchi Lin