Nov 30, 2011


Photo by Dias Herlambang


Name:  Stephanie Aditadwinanti

Home Country:  Indonesia

How Long in Vancouver:  Since September 2009

Program of Study:  Arts and Science

Educational Goal:  Bachelor of Commerce from UBC


How long have you been living in Vancouver?

I have been living in Vancouver for about 2 years, since I got here September 2009.

 Do you have a special tradition that you usually do during Christmas back home?

The tradition from back home is that the whole family gathers together and then we go to church together, followed by a big Christmas dinner.

How do you celebrate Christmas here?

I tried to keep my tradition in celebrating Christmas here by going to church and then have a Christmas dinner. The only difference is that I only celebrate it with my sister and friends.

 What are some of the things you really wanted to see during Christmas in Vancouver?

I really wish Vancouver had fireworks for Christmas celebrations and also a Christmas Playland.

 If you’re living alone, with whom do you usually spend Christmas?

I am so lucky that I have a sister and friends here to celebrate Christmas with.

What are your special memories about Christmas here in Vancouver?

I had so much fun going ice-skating with friends. I also enjoy going to the Christmas Markets to see lights, handcrafted items and the food!

What are some fun activities or events international students can attend during Christmas break?

Ice skating at Robson Square, Christmas Market, and Bright Nights in Stanley Park.


Written by Dias Herlambang