Mar 7, 2012


Photo taken by Bell Lotongmongkol

Please tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is Sadie Sun. I’m from Xiamen, China. I’ve been living in Vancouver for one and a half years.

What is your program of study at Langara?
I’m studying Commerce in the UT program.

Which institution(s) are you planning to transfer to?
Sauder School of Business at UBC.

Where do you find information about transferring?
- Through an agent in China and friends who live here
- Langara Counselling Department
- Academic advisors from the Sauder School
- Langara and UBC websites

How do you keep track of your courses and credits?
- Checking transferability on the BC Transfer guide at
- Talking to friends who have already transferred to UBC
- Talking to UBC (Sauder) academic advisors

When you are unsure about the process, where do you find support?
Email Sauder advisors at They are prompt with replies. You can also confirm any information you have heard with an advisor for accuracy.

How do you find and get involve in extra-curricular activities?
Check the Go Volunteer website at  This is an on-line database of a variety of volunteer opportunities in BC.  I also ask or hear from friends.  I’m currently volunteering as a computer tutor in a seniors’ club in Vancouver and Burnaby.

We know that transferring into UBC is very competitive. How do you balance your school and personal life while maintaining your grades at this competitive level?
I know my limits so I try not to take more than 4 courses per semester.  I balance the workload by combining hard and easy courses in one semester.  When at school, I study really hard so I can enjoy my spare time at home.  I engage in other activities such as exercising at YMCA and taking dance classes at the Harbour Dance Centre.

Many international students think it is hard to transfer because we have language barriers. What do you think is (or are) the advantage(s) of being an international student?

UBC is willing to accept international students because we can contribute to creating a more diverse and multicultural community.


Article written by Bell Lotongmongkol