Nov 1, 2011

Michael Sun, an international student from Tianjing, China, has been in Vancouver for almost 3 years. He is currently studying in the UT program, and he wants to transfer to UBC or SFU. Here is his interview about day-to-day living:

1.      What are your current living arrangements?

I am living in an apartment in Richmond with two roommates.

2.      How did you find your place?

I usually look for places to rent online. Craigslist is a good one, but I usually use “Vansky”.

3.      When finding housing, do you have any suggestions for other students?

When choosing a place to live, I will first consider convenience. For example, how close it is to public transportation and supermarkets. Also, a safe living environment is important, especially for students who do not have cars.

4.      Where do you usually have your lunch and dinner?

I usually have my lunch at the student cafeteria, and I cook dinner by myself at home.

5.      Where do you usually shop for groceries?

There is a Chinese market inside of Lansdowne Mall, or sometime I go to T&T Supermarket. Also, Crystal Mall, which is close to Metrotown, offers cheaper and fresher fruits and vegetables.

6.      Do you have any tips when going to grocery stores?

I think we should bring our own shopping bags. This will help you to save some money because you won’t have to buy plastic bags from stores. Also, it’s not a good idea to buy too much food at one time, because the food will not be fresh if it being stored too long.

7.      How do you manage your money for day-to-day expenses?

I divide my money monthly for different types of expenses, such as groceries, entertainment and rent. Having a plan for spending money will help me to save and manage my day-to-day expenses.

8.      Have you attended any IE workshops that would help you in day-today-living that are most useful for you?

Unfortunately, I haven’t attended any workshops before, but I am planning to attend the Job Search workshop. As an international student, gaining local work experience is really important for the future. I want to get some tips about searching for jobs in Vancouver. I think having a part time job will not only help me to gain work experience but also help me to earn some money to make day-to-day living easier.


Written by Joyce Geng