Jan 23, 2012


Student’s Name: David Lee

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Vancouver resident since: 2010


1.  How long have you been in Vancouver?

I had been in Vancouver for a couple of years for school (2005-2007), and decided to complete my college education here as well. After spending a few years in my home country, I returned to Vancouver in 2010.

2.  What do you know now that you wish you knew when you first came to Canada?

I had a tough time adjusting here, only because of the language barrier! English was not my first language, thus, it took me a while to get used to conversing in English. I wish I knew how important it is to know English before I came to Canada.

3.  What are the first three things which come to your mind when you think of Vancouver?

First thing which definitely comes to my mind, are the sunny days in summer! Also, skiing in winter, is a top priority for me. Apart from these, when I think of Vancouver, I think of the Fall!

4.  Which are the places where you frequently go to unwind after a long week at school?

At the end of a long week at school, all I crave is good food, and soothing ambience. I go to various restaurants in downtown on such occasions. That is my way of unwinding.

5.  This semester, we have quite a few long weekends. Any plans?

Having a full course load ensures that I think of studies, even during long weekends! All my plans are reserved for the end of the semester!

6.  Last thoughts - the most amazing place which you would urge every new international student to visit, once they arrive in Canada?

The benefit of staying in Vancouver is that there are fun things to do in every season! If you happen to be in Vancouver during the summer, you can try playing volleyball at Kitsilano Beach, Spanish Banks or any of the other west-side beaches. If you are here during the winter, you should go to places such as Grouse Mountain or Whistler to enjoy the winter sports activities, such as skiing!