Nov 1, 2012

Photo taken by Maggie Gao

1. Briefly introduce yourself

My name is Crystal Chao and I am from China. I’ve been in Vancouver for about one year. I am studying in the UT program at Langara.   

2. What are differences in the weather you have noticed between Vancouver and your hometown?

My hometown is in the northern region of China - Zhengzhou Henan Province.  In my hometown, it is extremely hot in the summer. Sometimes the temperature goes up to around 40 degrees Celsius at noon. In contrast, the lowest temperature can go down to -10 degree Celsius in the wintertime.  I find that Vancouver has a moderate climate.  Summer is typically warm and winter is typically cool. I think this is the best type of climate for people to live in. I prefer the weather in Vancouver than in my hometown!

3. What do you think about the winter in Vancouver? Describe some of the challenges you experienced with the weather changes.

Compared to the warm and sunny weather in the summer in Vancouver, the rainy weather in the winter sometimes makes me feel sad. The weather really affects my mood.

4. Winter can get cold in Vancouver. What do you look for when you purchase winter clothing? Where do you purchase them?

I like the winter clothes that are stylish, warm and affordable. Usually I purchase them in clothing stores such as Forever 21 in Metrotown mall.

5. What activities do you normally do during the winter in your hometown?

I always had snowball fights with my schoolmates in the winter in my hometown when the snow on the ground is pretty thick. This is quite fun time for me!

6. Are you still able to participate in those activities in the winter in Vancouver?

No, because it is rare to have snow in Vancouver in the winter. Even though there is snow in winter, usually the snow is not thick enough to make snowballs.

7. What kind of new activities have you tried in the winter in Vancouver?

I am planning to ski this winter but I have not tried it yet! It will be rather exciting and fun.

8. What activities would you recommend for new international students to participate in during the winter time?

I recommend that they go skiing, enjoy the hot springs, and go up to Grouse Mountain.

9. What tips do you have for new international students who are having difficulty coping with the cold and dark weather?

I think the best way to make sure the clothes you buy are all very warm.

Written by Maggie Gao