Mar 11, 2013

Article written and photo taken by Maggie Taomeizi Gao


Please briefly introduce yourself.

I am an international student and I have been in Vancouver for one and a half years.  I came from the northern part of China and it’s a nice place to live. I made my own decision to come to Vancouver and study.

How long have you studied in Langara?

I have been studying in Langara for one and a half years since I came to Vancouver. I studied in the ESL program for six months, and I passed the LET exam when I was in LEAP. I started to take the UT program in Jan 2012. Now I am in my fourth semester.

What do you study in Langara?

I am taking the University Transfer Program.

Do you check your myLangara email regularly?  If not, why not?

I forward myLangara emails to my personal email, so I check my email regularly through my phone.

Do you think that the IE news is helpful?  What is helpful about it?

I believe the IE news is useful. For example, I got information about the off-campus work permit from the IE news. Also there are some necessary information that students need to know, such as registration time and events happening at Langara. I think it would be more helpful to new students compared with students who have been here for a while.

Have you miss the deadline for registering course before? If so, why do you think you’ve missed it?  If not, what do you do to ensure you register on time?

I have never missed a deadline before. I usually register together with my friends. We sometimes take the same courses. We’ll remind each other.

Where do you get the information for registration?

I usually check the registration guide to get the information. Also I sometimes search on myLangara. If I still don’t get my question answered, I’ll go to see a counselor in the Counselling Department (Room B111).

Why do you think it’s important to register on time?

I think the most important thing is whether you care about registration or not. If you know what you are doing and why you came to Vancouver, you would never forget the deadline.

Can you give some suggestions for new international students to avoid them to miss the deadline?

The first thing is to make sure that we know our purpose for being here. And then ask questions when you don’t know. Nice people are out there waiting for you; just remember to help others when you can help. Finally, we need to try to make friends. It’s important and sometimes they are more important than family.