Jun 19, 2012


Photo taken by Cristal Fan

Interviewee Name: Anna Lu

Hometown: China

Program of Study: Commerce

Q: What are your favourite sports activities in Vancouver?

A: I like playing badminton in Vancouver

Q: We all know that Vancouver is always raining. How would you choose your activities when it rains?

A: I hate rain so I would do some yoga at home.

Q: What activity do you like to do during the summer?

A: I love to go out and walk along the beach.

Q: How do you choose your activities? (ie: place? price? your interest?)

A: I think the most important reason is my interest, and then it is the location. I prefer being in nature rather than crowded places.

Q: If you don't have enough money to afford some indoor activities what other options do you have?

A: I would like to go jogging or running outside because Vancouver has a nice environment and fresh air.

Q: How often do you participate in sports activities? Do you participate every day, once a week, or whenever you are available?

A: Normally once a week. It also depends on my school schedule. If I have exams, I would consider not participating in those activities.

Q: Do you prefer to do sports activities by yourself or with friends?

A: Certain sports, such as yoga and jogging, I would prefer to participate on my own, but other activities such as tennis and badminton, I enjoy playing with friends.

Q: Do you tend to buy all your equipment before you are sure that you can commit to a sport?

A: No, I would borrow equipment first before I decide to commit to a sport for long term.

Q: Would you still enjoy participating in some sport activities that you are not good at?

A: I love to try different activities even if I am not good at them. Sometimes I can do better than I think.

Q: Which is more important to you: participating competitively or participating for the enjoyment of the sport?

A: Definitely the enjoyment of the sport.

 -Article written by Cristal Fan