Feb 28, 2013

January 18, 2013

by Zeal Yim, International Student from Hong Kong


Photo by Doris Wang


In January, the International Education Student Volunteers organized something very different for the   i-Sport event – curling.  Most of us may have watched a game of it on television, or even luckier, watched a game live. For people who don’t know what curling is, it is a game played on a sheet of ice with four players on each team. Two teams would alternate their turns to slide the stones across the ice, and the closest stones of one team rest to the center of the house would be given points at the conclusion of each end.

The event was held at Richmond Curling Club and when we arrived, we were amazed by the size of the arena.  Our eyes were captured by the players who were already there enjoying their curling matches. Our instructor started our day by giving a brief introduction of curling while we cleaned our shoes and grabbed a curling broom. She then led us onto the ice and started to teach us how to curl.  For our first few tries, it was hilarious as most of us fell a lot on the ice.

After few games, we started to play like real curlers. From the thrower who delivered the stone, to the two sweepers who continuously swept the ice in front of the stone, to the skipper at the end who had to make sure the stone landed in the best spot. We yelled across the ice to communicate, and work the best as a team to try to defeat the other team.

Here’s what Sony Fu, first time participating in an i-Sport event, had to say, “That moment when I know my team has won the game…it was the best feeling I had. I feel like I had accomplished something huge.”

At the end of day, we cleaned up the place and give our thanks to the instructor. Everyone went home with a smile, possibly with some bruises too. I personally would like to thank the student coordinators whom came up the idea of curling and gave us all such a memorable day!