Nov 28, 2012


It is really wonderful to meet with some students at the i-Café event on November 15th who were interested in the same topic - “Food from Around the World”.

There were participants from the UT program and others in the ESL program.  All of them are very enthusiastic.  We not only talked about the delicious food we had tried but also shared our own study experience in Langara with one another. The table games (UNO, building blocks etc.) helped us interact with each other which created a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Everyone was welcomed at the event and we enjoyed talking and relaxing together.

I think the i-Café is a good opportunity to enjoy a break from classes.  We had some free juice, cookies and games, and were able to meet with some new friends who have the same interests and even studied in the same program.  There are many topics you can talk with each other, so consequently you can practice and improve your communication and interpersonal skills.  I encourage you to come to participate in an i-Café when you are available to meet friends and to have an enjoyable time.  This event cannot be missed!

Written by Doris Danlu Wang