Apr 3, 2013

Canadian family hosting an Easter Dinner with international students. Photo taken by Zeal Hei Wa Yim


For the past nine years, many international students at Langara have participated in a special traditional holiday dinner with Canadian families. These generous and kindhearted families opened their homes to our students not only to share a delicious meal, but also to develop new friendships and create new connections in the community. These dinners have been a wonderful experience for both the students who participated, and for the families who hosted them. Many have created lifelong friendships as a result! 

Zeal Yim, one of the international students at Langara, participated in an Easter Dinner with a Canadian Family on March 30, 2013. He said that this was a great experience that he, along with the other international students, really enjoyed spending time in a traditional Canadian setting.

For more information, or to participate, international students can check the IE News sent to their myLangara email or visit the IE Office.