Jan 13, 2016

Vancouver, Canada – Langara College and the Canadian School of Takudai are honoured to celebrate the Coming of Age (Seijin Shiki) with nine current Langara students visiting from Japan.

The Seijin Shiki Ceremony is held annually in Japan on the second Monday of January to congratulate and encourage all those who have reached the age of majority (20) during the past year. The ceremony is typically held at local and prefectural offices and is followed by parties with family and friends of the new adults.

On January 11th, Langara held a special ceremony for students from the Takudai Program who are currently studying English at Langara. Since the students could not be in Japan to attend the event, this ceremony provided an opportunity to celebrate the occasion with Canadian host families, college staff, invited dignitaries, and friends.

The ceremony included a welcome from Mr. Akira Uchida, Deputy Consul General of Japan, student speeches, and a presentation of gifts by Dr. Ian Humphreys, Vice-President, Strategic Planning and Business Development at Langara.

"In the near future, you may face difficulties and hardships, to some extent, and might lose your way. But you are still young and should not fear failure. There is always a good side - failure is a stepping stone to success. Difficulties, hardships and failures are privileges of the youth, but a challenging spirit should never be forgotten," said Mr. Uchida. "I hope you will learn from your Canadian experience here at Langara and use it to find ways to contribute to a better future for Japan and the world."

Congratulations to all!


Photo credit: Tapiwa Chibota

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Manager, International Education
Langara College
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