Dec 7, 2015

Vancouver, Canada – For the first time, three Langara students are enrolled in a semester to study Japanese language, culture, history, religion, and politics at the Tokiwa University in Mito, Japan. As part of the exchange, three students from Tokiwa are completing a semester in the LEAP program at Langara. 

The exchange agreement with Tokiwa was signed in 2014 and this is the first year that Langara students have participated in the program. Students receive a scholarship from Tokiwa that includes accommodation in the student residence and a 100,000 yen award for living expenses. 

The program include opportunities to participate in several “International Exchange Excursions” organized by the university and to participate in a “buddy program” that pairs visiting students with Tokiwa students for language and cultural exchange. 

“Our exchange programs help students develop a sophisticated world view while creating an international network of friends and contacts,” says Valerie Peters, Manager, International Education who administers the program.  “The students experience personal growth and gain skills that will enhance future employability.” 

The program is proving to be very attractive to Langara students who continue to pay their regular tuition fees to the College. Students are already expressing interest in applying for the fall 2016 cohort. 

More information on the Japan Exchange Program is available online.

Japan Exchange Program

Visiting exchange students on a Japanese archery cultural excursion with local high school students. Photo credit: Mage Macchione at Tokiwa University

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