Nov 23, 2015

Dalian, China – The Maple Leaf Educational System (MLES) Medal of Honour and Excellence has been presented to Dr. Lane Trotter, President and CEO of Langara College. Dr. Sherman Jen, Founder and Chairman of MLES, presented the medal and certificate of recognition at a special ceremony during the 2015 Annual Maple Leaf University/College Student Recruitment Fair in Dalian, China.

The MLES Medal of Honour and Excellence has been awarded to a very small number of "Friends of MLES" for exemplary services to their students. It is awarded to Dr. Trotter in recognition of his remarkable leadership and unfailing support to build a strong partnership and relationship with MLES, and to provide an excellent university study pathway with comprehensive and caring services for Maple Leaf's students.

“It is a great honour and privilege for me to accept this Maple Leaf Educational Systems Medal of Honour and Excellence on behalf of the students, faculty, and staff of Langara College,” said Dr. Trotter. “I am truly humbled to receive this award from Dr. Sherman Jen and his colleagues at Maple Leaf for bestowing this recognition upon Langara. It symbolizes the special relationship between our two institutions, our mutual commitment to excellence, and providing students with a pathway to a prosperous and rewarding future. We are looking forward to working with Maple Leaf Educational Systems to open a world of possibilities to our students.”

The ceremony was also attended by: James Beeke, Vice President, Maple Leaf; Board of Directors, Superintendent of Schools; B.C. Programs, and Liaison: B.C. Ministry of Education; Tracey Gao, Director, Graduation Consultation Centre, Head Office and Maple Leaf International School-Dalian; Angela Zhang, Director of Marketing Centre; and other members of the senior management team. Ajay Patel, Associate Vice President, International and External Development and Sik On Hon, Manager, China Marketing and Project Development, attended on Langara’s behalf.

About Langara
Located in beautiful Vancouver, B.C., Canada, Langara College provides University, Career, and Continuing Studies education to more than 21,000 students annually. With more than 1,700 courses and 130 programs, Langara’s expansive academic breadth and depth allows students of all ages, backgrounds, and life stages to choose their own educational path.

About Maple Leaf Education Systems (MLES)
MLES is the first Canadian offshore school foundational education system (K to 12) in China. Maple Leaf high schools are certified through the BC Government’s Global Education Program, and these offshore schools are located in seven cities throughout China (Dalian, Wuhan, Tianjin, Chongqing, Zhenjiang, Henan-Luoyang, and Shanghai). Since the first graduating class in 1999 nearly 7,000 students have graduated from MLES high schools, having met the requirements of the BC Ministry of Education and received the BC Dogwood Diploma.

Almost 70% of the graduates from MLES pursue post-secondary studies in Canada, and 2015 marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of Maple Leaf Educational Systems.

MLES Medal of Honour Ceremony

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