Oct 27, 2015

Kimar NevesVancouver, BC – Kimar Neves came to Langara from Curitiba, a city in the south of Brazil, to build on his previous education and experience as a software engineer through the College’s Internet and Web Technology Certificate Program. He’d had a few opportunities to visit Vancouver prior to becoming a student, and felt drawn to the city’s cultural diversity and healthy lifestyle.

To compliment his time at the College Kimar decided to join Langara PLUS, a program specifically designed to enhance the international student experience. He completed the program with “Gold” status – the best level of engagement a student can achieve. Here’s what he had to say about the program:

“At first I saw the PLUS program as an opportunity to occupy my mind so I wouldn't feel homesick for the family and friends that I had to leave in Brazil in order to move here. But by attending the events, I could see how great it was to learn what was available at Langara or around Vancouver. The workshops also helped me build additional skills that helped me manage better my time once I found a part-time job. 

“By attending activities you develop friendships which sometimes ends up introducing you to opportunities you did not even realize existed. Some people make you more aware of Vancouver’s cultural diversity and can help you understand different cultures by sharing their past experiences. Although some PLUS workshops – like effective note-taking or how to prepare for exams – can help you to succeed in the classroom, for me the major gain of the program was the opportunity that it provided to meet with new people.

“Langara was a huge learning experience for me. I already expected to learn a lot, but my experience even surpassed my expectations by far. Attending activities provided by the PLUS program not only gave me the opportunity to feel more integrated, but helped expose me to different scenarios and to discover Vancouver and Langara in order to fully take advantage of all the opportunities that are present for international students. Instead of exploring the city by yourself, sharing your experiences with others may take you to places it would take you years living here to find. 

“Furthermore, taking advantage of the counseling and tools provided through PLUS to plan your educational and career goals is a smart way of capitalizing on the investment you made in your education. You might find in your new friends the stimulus to tackle challenges whenever you start doubting yourself – I lost the count of how many times I was given encouragement.”