Jul 14, 2014

Vancouver, BC – Langara is pleased to announce that starting January 2015 we will be offering two highly competitive graduate diploma programs in business for both domestic and international students.

The first, the Post-Degree Diploma in Marketing Management (PDD-MM) is aimed at students who hold a bachelor’s degree in any field and who wish to pursue a career in business. The program is designed to be completed over the course of three semesters, with a fourth semester of career experience.

The second, the Post-Degree Diploma in Business Administration (PDD-BA) is also aimed at students who have completed their bachelor’s degree and wish to enter the business world. Students studying the PDD-BA will also complete three semesters of course work followed by a work experience term, but will have the added option of completing an additional Advanced Project Management Certificate during their course of study. This added qualification will give graduates an extra advantage as they move into new business careers.

The programs are anticipated to be highly attractive to international students who already hold a bachelor’s degree and who are interested in starting business careers in Canada. International students who are interested in learning more information or in applying to the program are welcomed to contact international@langara.bc.ca.

For more information on the program admission requirements and course details visit:

Post-Degree Diploma in Business Administration
Post-Degree Diploma in Marketing Management