May 29, 2013

i-lunchWritten by Lisa Deng

Photo taken by Doris Wang

The i-Lunch Committee is a part of the International Education Volunteer Program (IEVP).  The i-Lunch student volunteers are committed to organizing events that offer students opportunities to try different foods from around the world with other Langara students.  In March, the i-Lunch Committee chose to go to Robson Mongolian BBQ Restaurant on Robson Street in downtown Vancouver.  A group of eight students participated, and everyone enjoyed a happy lunch gathering.

Most of us met at Langara Station, introduced ourselves to each other, and then we started our short journey.  When we arrived, we ordered the “all-you-can-eat” option as we all felt very hungry.  All of the students said that it was their first time to try Mongolian cuisine and we were all interested in the food that we were about to eat.  We picked meats and fresh vegetables, passed our food to the cook, and then finally sat down and chatted with each other.  The first question often asked at these events is, “where did you come from?”  Three of the participants were from Taiwan, and others are from Mainland China.  After chatting for a while, our food came and I have to say it was really good!

Making friends and having great food is always the goal of i-Lunch, and if you did not come for this time’s i-Lunch, please take the opportunity to sign up for the next one!


For more information on the upcoming i-Lunch and other events, please click on Events on the left, or go to the IE Facebook page .  To sign up for any events, please go to the IE Office, Room A107.