May 16, 2013

Article written and photo taken by Nicole Naihui Yang


1.First of all, can you briefly introduce yourself to us.

Hi, my name is Chen Lei, but you can just can me, Lei. I am an international student from China. Recently, I am studying Accounting at Langara College. I want to graduate from Langara then go to the United States to continue my studies.

2. So when you first came to Vancouver to study as an international student, what challenges did you encountered?

I have been living in Vancouver for two and a half year now. But when I first came to Langara, I was studying in the LEAP Program. Of course, the main difficultly for me was the language barrier and culture shock. Although Vancouver has one of the best Chinese food standards among all western countries, I still missed my mother’s cooking so much.   

3. How did you overcome those challenges?

I had to work really hard to improve my language skills and I feel that my studies at Langara helped me a lot. Besides all of the language practise, I also gained a lot of cultural knowledge. I believe it will definitely help my future studies. Also, I made many new friends in class, and we go to find good food in Vancouver together. That is so fun! I’m also a good cook now.

4. How can you make sure you manage your time well?

It was difficult to manage my time well at the beginning. Because the education system is so different from China, I never was used to checking my emails regularly. It was even challenging to find my classrooms at the beginning of the term. However, now I am getting better at it. I remind myself to check email on daily bases, which helps me to get useful information more efficiently.

5. What is the most convenient way for you to get information from the College? 

Well, email I guess.  Or if you have any questions you just pop into the IE Office and you will always get the best answer!

6. What is the most memorable experience for you at Langara College?

Hahahaha, maybe it’s when I am able to find all my classrooms all around the campus.