Upon completion of each achievent level of the Langara PLUS Program, you are awarded a Statement of Achievement Certificate.  In addition, you will be issued a letter that outlines the number of events and workshops you have attended.  These documents may enhance your application for academic advancement and employment, and will show you are a well-rounded student, involved in the College community.

There are three levels of Langara PLUS:

  • Bronze - 20 Langara PLUS points
  • Silver - 35 Langara PLUS points
  • Gold - 50 Langara PLUS points

The appropriate coloured seal (bronze, silver or gold) will be added to your Statement of Achievement with an indication of the number of workshops and activities you participated in.

To qualify for your final Statement of Achievement, you must attend a sufficient number of workshops or activities and have facilitators sign your passport. You will need to:

  1. Attend a minimum of three Study Skills Workshops OR LEAP Workshops
  2. Participate in at least one activity/workshop from each of the below categories:
    • Social & Cultural Events/Recreational Activities
    • Lifestyle Workshops

All workshops and events are recorded in the Langara PLUS passport, and you collect points for each one you attend.

Take your Langara PLUS passport to the IE Office (A107) when you reach an achievement level to either get your Statement of Achievement Certificate or continue on to the GOLD level.

We recommend going for gold! However, if you are leaving Langara before you reach the gold level, we will happily issue you a certificate for bronze or silver if you have achieved the right number of points.