Langara PLUS Point Levels:

  • Bronze - 20
  • Silver - 35
  • Gold - 50

Academic Workshops*

(Minimum three 5 point Academic Workshops required to qualify for Langara PLUS).

*Note: The Academic Workshops are open to regular studies students and LEAP 5 or higher students.

EventPoints assigned
Success Workshops (Counselling Department) 5
LEAP Study Skills Workshops 5

See semester listing of ‘Success Workshops’ offered through the Counselling Department and the 'LEAP Study Skills Workshops'.

Social Events 

EventPoints assigned
Lunar New Year Event 2
Diwali Event 2
i-Café/i-Social 2 (max 6 pts)
Special dinners with Canadian families (Easter, Summer BBQ, Thanksgiving, Christmas)
i-Dinners/Lunches 2
i-Chat 2 (max 6 pts)
Other IE Events 2

Recreation and Sporting Events

ActivityPoints assigned
i-Sport 2
i-Explore 2

Lifestyle Workshops (IE & CO-OP)

WorkshopPoints assigned
Finding Housing in Vancouver Workshop 3
D2L Workshop 3
MSP Workshop 3
Self-Defense Workshop 3
First Aid Workshop 3
Immigration Regulations & Your Studies in Canada Workshop 3
International Students & Volunteering Workshop 3
Job Search for International Students Workshop (open to regular studies students only) 3
Fun With Academic Integrity Workshop
Other IE Workshops 3

Any additional Langara PLUS opportunities will be advertised through the IE Events page and on the IE Facebook page

See Program Guidelines on the back cover of the PLUS Passport for more details on program completion requirements.