To be competitive both academically and professionally, students need more than just a high GPA - they need to be well-rounded with a variety of experiences that faciliate them in getting a job upon graduation.  The Langara PLUS Program is a special program developed especially for international students at Langara.


The Langara PLUS Program aims to:

  • improve your social and interpersonal skills
  • develop your intercultural awareness
  • improve your physical fitness
  • enhance your application to university
  • maximize your opportunity for success

Through the Langara PLUS Program students can participate in a variety of workshops and events organized through the IE Office and other departments at Langara.  These activities provide students with academic support, as well as recreational and social opportunities.

All workshops and events attended are recorded in the Langara PLUS Passport.  You accumulate points towards a bronze, silver, or gold Langara PLUS Statement of Achievement.

Langara PLUS Steps

  1. Apply for your free Langara PLUS Passport in the IE Office (A107).  
  2. Participate in workshops and events at Langara, advertised and presented by the IE Department
  3. Fill your Langara PLUS Passport with the details of the activities you attend and have the facilitator of each workshop or event sign it to confirm your attendance.
  4. Take your passport to the IE Office when you reach an achievment level to get your Statement of Achievement.  You can achieve all three levels: Bronze, Silver, and Gold!

To sign up for the Langara PLUS program, or to ask any questions, please visit the IE office (A107). Or feel free to download our brochure or read the manga for more information.