Langara PLUS features four categories of activities offered through Langara College.

Here is a sample of activities we offer:

Social and Cultural Activities

  • i-Cafés – Meet students, learn about different cultures, play games, and enjoy free coffee and cookies
  • Cultural celebrations – Learn about different cultures and meet people from around the world
  • i-Eat – Try food from different parts of the world at local restaurants and meet other students
  • Canadian dinners – Meet a Canadian family and enjoy a holiday dinner at their home with other international students

Recreational Activities

  • Drop-in sports (eg: Badminton, Basketball, Soccer) – Join other students in a variety of sports at the Langara gym
  • Langara Falcons game – Cheer on the Langara Falcons as they compete against other colleges
  • i-Go activities (eg: Skating, Bowling, Aquarium, Indoor rock-climbing) – Meet other students as you venture out and participate in some fun activities

Lifestyle Workshops

  • Finding housing – Learn about types of housing in Vancouver, things to consider when choosing a location, questions to ask before you make the move!
  • Get to know Vancouver – Find out what’s available for you in this city by getting lots of information and valuable resources for a great experience in Vancouver
  • International Students & Volunteer – Learn about the benefits of volunteering, where you can volunteer and how to get started
  • Gift-Giving – Learn about gift-giving in Canada on a student’s budget, what is appreciated and appropriate
  • CIC Info Session - Representatives form from Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) and the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) will give a joint presentation and answer your questions.

Study Skills Workshops (open to UT and Career program participants only) 

  • Time Management – Learn tips on managing your time for the semester and how to budget time for classes, studying and leisure activities
  • Stress Management – Learn about the factors that cause stress, and about how you can reduce and manage the stress in your life
  • Note-Taking – Learn a variety of strategies for taking good notes
  • Final Exams & Test-taking – Learn how to deal with stress and exam anxiety and well as specific techniques for taking tests
  • LEAP Study Skills and Success Workshops - Learn special study skills to help you be successful in your LEAP classes.

All workshops and events are recorded in the Langara PLUS passport, and you collect points for each one you attend.