Homestay students are responsible for purchasing their own medical insurance and insurance for their personal belongings while they are in Canada.

Langara students are required to have medical insurance while they are studying at the college. This insurance can be purchased in the students' home countries, or is available in Canada. If you're a Langara student and you have questions about medical insurance, please contact the International Education Department.

It is important that students have medical insurance that is effective from the date that they leave their home country. Please note that:

  • students who plan to obtain medical coverage after they arrive in Canada should buy temporary coverage in their home country that will protect them until they obtain medical insurance here
  • medical costs are extremely high for international visitors to Canada, so we recommend that students have medical coverage at all times

Before leaving home we recommend that students also obtain insurance coverage for their personal belongings, especially if they are bringing computers, electronic devices, jewellery, or other items of value to Canada. Please note:

  • neither Langara College nor the host family is responsible for students' belongings during the homestay program
  • students should purchase insurance for these items in their home country because it will be difficult for them to obtain such insurance in Canada