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The Langara Homestay Program supports a network of incredible host families who provide inspiring experiences for our students. Over the past 30+ years we've helped more than 30,000 international students find their home in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, and we're proud of our program's tradition of support and community.

Why do families choose to host?

Hosting an international student is a rewarding experience enjoyed by thousands of families in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. The lives of Langara's homestay families are enriched by the students they host in a variety of ways. By becoming a host family with Langara you can:

  • Develop life-long friendships with individuals from around the world
  • Learn about new cultures (especially valuable for the children of homestay families)
  • Serve as an ambassador for Canada and BC
  • Choose between short-term and long-term hosting opportunities
  • Host high school or post-secondary students
  • Supplement your household income with up to $950 a month

Do families receive compensation?

Families are supported by the experienced team at Langara who provide comprehensive orientation and assistance throughout the homestay period. Families are also compensated for hosting. Rates vary depending on the age of each student and the length of their stay, but typical rates are:

  • $29 per night for short-term programs
  • $870 per month for long-term college/university programs (from September 2019)
  • $950 per month for long-term high school programs

What makes a good host family?

We have many different kinds of host families: parents with young children, parents with teenage or grown children, single mothers or fathers, couples without children, older couples, and single individuals without children. Vancouver is known for its multiculturalism, and our host families represent a spectrum of ethnic diversity. Every host family is unique. To be a successful host family, applicants need to be:

  • Interested in hosting an international student
  • Friendly
  • English-speaking
  • Willing to include their student in family activities

Our host families are screened before being accepted into the program and a Homestay Coordinator visits each home to meet the family members, inspect the home, and to discuss our program. If approved, host families must also attend an orientation meeting in which they learn more about our program.

What else should you know?

When famliies apply to the Langara Homestay Program they complete an application package and provide information about themselves as well as their interests, hobbies, and food habits. We try our best to match students with families who have similiar interests and preferences, however, given the large number of students who apply to our program we cannot guarantee that all of a student's or family's preferences will be met.

Host family homes also need to be located within a reasonable commuting distance of a student's place of study. Families must help their students learn the bus route to and from school, as well as to other areas of the city, but students are responsible for buying their own bus pass/tickets. 

We have opportunities for hosting all year round, whether they be long-term placements for international high school students or short-term placements for summer English language programs. We're always looking for new families, so contact us today to request an application package.

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