Admission Requirements for Career and Limited Enrolment Programs

A number of career/limited enrolment programs are open to international students. Students are advised to review the admission requirements for the career or limited enrolment program they are applying to by visiting that program's page on the website

1 - Academic Requirements

Successful completion of BC Grade 12 or equivalent. See a listing of some acceptable international credentials.

2 - English Language Proficiency

English is the language of instruction at Langara College. Students are required to demonstrate proficiency in the English language prior to admission to post-secondary programs. Applicants will need to review the individual english admissions requirements for career/limited enrolment programs. See programs here.

3 - Specific Program Requirements

Students are required to meet any additional admission requirements specified for the program of their choice.

Admission Notes:
Students applying for a career/limited enrolment program are advised to submit an additional application for a university studies/open enrolment program. As admission to career/limited enrollment programs is not guaranteed, students can pursue a post-secondary education as a university studies/open enrolment student to complete university-transfer courses or to upgrade their skills in English, mathematics, and science to meet the requirements of their desired career/limited enrolment program. See University Studies/Open Enrolment. Students are not required to pay a second application fee for this additional application.

*Except School of Management Programs