Programs with Scheduled Breaks

Many open-enrolment programs have a designated semester break. Continuing Studies programs, many Certificate programs, and Post-Degree Diploma (PDD) programs do not have scheduled breaks.

Please see below for a list of programs with scheduled breaks.  If you are uncertain whether your program qualifies for a scheduled break, please consult your International Student Coordinator.

Programs with Scheduled Breaks: international-education/current-students/working-in-canada/Programs-with-Scheduled-Breaks.pdf


What is a Scheduled Break?

Langara College designates scheduled breaks during the following periods:

  • The last day of the final exam date until the start date of the next semester

  • Break between semesters

  • Reading Break

  • Scheduled Semester Break* - one of either the Fall, Spring or Summer semesters. 

*A scheduled semester break is defined as a break from full-time studies, meaning the student can take 0-2 classes or remain a full-time student, during the break.  A scheduled break must be taken within the calendar year, either in the Fall (September to December), Spring (January to April) or Summer (May to August) semesters, if the student remains enrolled as a full-time student in the semester preceding and the semester following the break. Students on Academic Suspension are not eligible for a scheduled break.


International students are not required to pay commiment fees ($1500) for the semester they are planning to take a scheduled break.  If your commitment fee is already charged and you would like a break, then please contact your International Student Coordinator (ISC).


Full-time vs. Part-time Studies

Full-time studies: 

  • Langara defines full-time studies as nine academic credits** or more, this includes pre-requisite classes that are pass or fail. International students registered in a co-op placement or a work-term are considered full-time.  Students studying in their last semester of study are considered full-time regardless of the number of credits registered.  

Part time studies: 

  • A student that is enrolled in less than nine credit hours, outside a designated scheduled break period, is considered part-time.   

** N’s and W’s do not count towards academic credit.  A grade of S, F, or U does not carry academic credit but does contribute to full-time status.  Please click here for more information on grades and notations.  


Working during Scheduled Breaks

As per Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) regulations, students are eligible to work full-time hours during designated scheduled breaks.


Compliance Reporting to IRCC

Langara College is required to report to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) on the enrolment status of all international students.  Only students who are eligible for a scheduled break AND have completed the following form prior to the regular semester Withdrawal deadline in the academic semester they are wanting their break, will be reported to IRCC as on an “Academic Break”. 

Students who do not meet the eligibility requirements of a scheduled break, do not complete this form, or complete this form AFTER the regular semester Withdrawal deadline will be reported as either part-time, or not registered.  


Scheduled Break Form

This form is for students who: 

  • Are enrolled in a program that has a designated scheduled break 
  • Were registered in full-time studies in the semester previous to the break, AND 
  • Who will be registered in full-time studies after the semester break 

If you do not keep full-time enrolment in the semester previous to the break and if you do not keep full-time enrolment after the semester break, then you may have issues with future immigration applications, such as Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP). 

This form is only available up until the regular semester Withdrawal deadline each semester.   

Please complete the following form only ONCE.  Upon successful submission, you will receive an automatic email reply confirming your submission. 


This form is only for students wanting a scheduled break in Spring 2021 semester.   The Summer 2021 semester break form will be available later on in the semester.