Langara Return to Learning is a program for international students on their first academic suspension.

International students on first academic suspension may be eligible to apply for early readmission by participating in the Langara Return to Learning (LRTL) option.* The first step in this option is to attend a mandatory information session. Without attending a session, students will not be able to proceed with the option.

Information sessions will be on the following days:


Monday, September 9
2:30 - 3:30PM
Room C408

Thursday, September 12
3:30PM - 4:30PM
Room C408


No sign up is required and students can choose any one of the above sessions to attend. Students must present official photo ID to attend a session. Please arrive on time as latecomers may not be admitted.

International students who attend a session will be automatically enrolled into the Langara Return to Learning (LRTL) course. The LRTL course is a free non-credit course available online on the Brightspace platform. It is intended to help students develop the tools to be successful in their studies, help improve strategies for studying effectively, and help upgrade organizational and time management skills.

Completing this course is not mandatory, but is required if students wish to appeal for early readmission. Early readmission is granted to students who successfully complete the LTRL course with a minimum grade of 75%. Students are strongly encouraged to complete the course by October 18 if they wish to return to their studies in the January 2020 semester.

Please refer to Counselling for more details on how to appeal for early readmission or contact your International Student Coordinator.

* This is an option for students on first academic suspension and is a pilot (trial) initiative.