Shopping for household items

If you are living on your own (ie. not in homestay), you will likely need to purchase some household items such as bedding, food, and toiletries.  You will find that different communities in Vancouver cater to different shopping needs. Some communities have concentrations of a specific type of ethnic market, others have expensive clothing and restaurants, and yet others have quality used goods. Garage sales are held at peoples’ homes throughout the city. The shops and sales are as diverse as local residents and their tastes.

  • Supermarkets - largest variety of foods, distributed throughout a city and in all towns with more than a few thousand people. You can likely meet most of your grocery shopping needs at these stores.
  • Corner and Convenience stores - small family-owned businesses or national chains located on street corners.  Relatively expensive, but convenient.
  • Bulk & Discount stores - least expensive shopping alternative, but a membership fee may be required. Shoppers are required to buy large quantities of individual items.

Some supermarkets or grocery stores located in or near Vancouver are:

The closest shopping mall to Langara College is Oakridge Centre, located at the corner of Cambie Street and 41st Avenue (Canada Line station: Oakridge-41st).  If you are living near Langara, Oakridge is a convenient location to purchase groceries and other household items.