Public Transit

Vancouver offers a safe and convenient public transit system, including regularly scheduled buses, SkyTrains and SeaBuses.  This network is operated by TransLink.  Visit the TransLink website for information about transit routes and schedules.

Regular Studies students in the UT and Career programs receive a U-Pass each semester that they are registered in courses.  This affordable pass allows students to travel in all 3 transit zones.  The cost of the U-Pass is included in your student fees.

Students in LEAP and other Continuing Studies programs are not eligible for the U-Pass.  If you are an ESL or Continuing Studies student, you should purchase a monthly pass for the zones you will travel in most often (Langara is in Zone 1, but if you live outside of Vancouver you will need a 2- or 3-zone pass).  Make sure you do NOT purchase a concession pass as that is for high school students.  Passes can be purchased at the Langara Bookstore, or at convenience stores around Vancouver.