Students in Homestay

If you will be living with a homestay family, please contact the Homestay office to determine what access you will have to telephone and internet services.

Students in Other Accommodation


Depending on your needs and preferences, you may choose to set up a landline, a mobile phone, or both.

Landline phones can be arranged through Telus or Shaw.  Contact them by phone or online to learn more about rate plans and details. 

Your monthly landline fee includes free local calls.  If you plan to call long-distance from your landline, make sure to add a long-distance package to your plan, or purchase phone cards (which may offer better rates).  Alternatively, many students now use internet telephone services such as Skype for long-distance calls.

Please note that Telus and Shaw also offer cable television and internet service, and discounts may be available if you purchase multiple services from the same provider.  Take this into consideration when deciding on a company and plan.

Mobile or cellular phone service can be arranged through a variety of companies, including Telus, Bell, Rogers, Fido, Virgin Mobile, Solo, and many others.  Again, make sure to shop around to get the best deal based on your needs.  Note that some companies may require a contract of up to 3 years, so be very clear on what you are signing when entering into an agreement.


High-speed internet service is offered by both Telus and Shaw.  Please visit their websites for more details.  Alternatively, you may consider using a smaller independent company for your internet service – plans and rates may vary.

You will also have access to internet service at Langara.  Several computer labs are available for student use, or you can use your computer lab user ID to log in to the free wireless internet on your laptop or mobile device when you are on campus.  Visit Langara's Information Technology pages for more details about computer labs and internet service at Langara.