Most students will register for courses online before arriving at Langara. Students beginning in LEAP will be tested on the first day of the new session and will be placed into a program and level based on their current level of English.

Students in Regular Studies and Career Programs will need to begin by:

If a course is full you may be given the option to register on the waitlist until a seat becomes available. Waitlists do not guarantee you a seat in the classroom.

New international students will receive additional support and information from an International Student Coordinator prior to registration. If you need additional support, please contact  

University Transfer

Students on a Study Permit are expected to be full-time students and registered in three to five courses (9 to 18 credits) per semester.

Consider these points when selecting the number of courses you take:

  • Academic goals
  • Course work and pre-requisites already complete
  • Comfort learning in English
  • Familiarity with teaching style in Canada
  • Previous academic background

Career Studies

Students must register in all the first-semester courses listed for the program unless you have permission from the Program Coordinator to register in a reduced course load.

Video Tutorials

If you're in China you can also view this video on Youku.

If you're in China you can also view this video on Youku.


Some courses may have pre-requisites that need to be completed before you can register in a course. Prerequisites may include:

  • Placement scores on assessment tests
  • Secondary school courses completed in Canada
  • Transfer credits granted for courses successfully completed at a recognized post-secondary institution

Prerequisites are listed with the courses description in the Course Schedule in the Registration Guide.

Verify that any required prerequisites are in the Student Information System before you register. If you graduated from outside Canada, you will need to consult with the relevant department regarding your secondary school courses. See the Departmental Contacts page.

If you are using a course from college or university to meet the prerequisite, you can either:

  1. Apply for transfer credit
  2. Request a prerequisite override

TIP: For successful registration in your first semester, choose courses that do not require any prerequisites, or courses that show you meet the requirement.

More information

Diagnostic Tests

Some subject areas require a diagnostic test to place students in the appropriate level. Diagnostic tests are listed with the course description in the Course Schedule in the Registration Guide.

If you need to take a diagnostic test prior to placement in a course, the test must be completed and on your student record before you will be eligible to register.

Summary of subjects requiring a diagnostic test:

Diagnostic TestSubjects Requiring Test
LET (Langara English Test)
LPI (Language Proficiency Index)
English, Economics, Computer Science, Biology and Philosophy*
MDT (Math Dignostic Test) Math and Statistics*, some Chemistry, Computer Science, and Physics
CDT (Chemistry Diagnostic Test) Chemistry*
PDT (Physical Diagnostic Test) Physics*

*Consult the course descriptions

For complete test details, including dates and registration information, visit the Diagnostic Tests page in Admission.