Chisa Katsuki Japan

LEAP Program and University-transfer Program at Langara Now at Simon Fraser University

As I studied at university, I noticed Langara has a great atmosphere in terms of the size of classes. In Langara, the biggest class has around 80 students. In contrast, university (especially first year) courses have around 200 students! In smaller classes, we have an advantage because professors and instructors can memorize students' faces and names. I felt much closer to our instructors when I was studying in Langara. The other thing that I like about Langara is that students can get help easily. It doesn't matter what kind of problem we have. I could get help from the counsellors, doctors, nurses, security, and so on. I felt so secure because I knew that I was supported by many people who work for Langara.

My first tip for new students is "Don't let bad habits get going!" If we skip a lecture, it becomes easier to skip it the second time. The second tip is setting the place to study. Find a favorite place to study and get this good habit going! Don't forget that a comfortable place may not be the best place to study. The third tip is get balanced between school work and non-school work. I play ultimate frisbee 4 or 5 times a week. Surprisingly, I am getting better grades than ever. I have more things to do, but I can concentrate more in a short time. It doesn't have to be sports. It can be watching movies, reading books, or hanging around with friends.

Linda Zetterberg Sweden

University-transfer Program Graduate (Creative Writing) Working in Sweden now.

I like the fact that Langara is a fairly small school. It makes it more personal and you can get to know people easier. I also think that the instructors and other staff are very approachable and helpful ...although that might be because they are Canadian, I don't know! And of course Langara has a great International Education Department! I'm not trying to please you by saying this. I honestly feel that you guys have made my stay here so much easier! Thanks!

Make sure to visit the International Education Department once in a while. The staff there are eager to help and have great ideas about activities. Make sure you are out in good time if you need to buy books or do other things on school grounds. Lines tend to get long. Buy the buspass at the bookstore AND make sure to get the sticker from the students' union that allows you to use the pass in all three zones...for TWO bucks. Try the cafeteria's selection of muffins!

Lindsey Smith USA

University-transfer Program at Langara

I like the support at Langara through the faculty, as well as the general welcome I felt coming in as an international student. The International Education Department updates all international students with things happening around Vancouver, not just what's happening in school, but also with things that are of interest around town. It's a beautiful and wonderful city to live in, with so much to do in all seasons… I've felt like the curriculum has given me challenges and also a schedule that allows me to incorporate the breadth of the city into my education as well as classroom studies to further my higher education.

The most important tip I could give a student new to Langara would be to "GET INVOLVED!" Get involved with your fellow students for study sessions, and for developing friendships through learning. Get involved with the faculty, the International Education Department, counselors, and professors-- they are all here to help us, the students! And get involved in the community. I've found that Vancouver has a plethora of community service projects needing volunteers or clubs needing members! It's a great way to see the whole picture and enjoy your studies in Canada!

Marcel-Nic Laier Germany/China

Currently studying in Langara's Bachelor of Business Administration Program

Langara is a great community college with small classes and excellent support from all teachers and staff. As long as you ask, most people are very helpful! It is also very easy to transfer many credits to the local universities.

Maria Jose Martinez Romo Puerto Vallarta

Mexico Acting Program Graduate at Studio 58 in Langara

One of the great advantages of Langara is the great diversity of students that come from all around the world to study here. I love the large number of foreign students attending the college. It creates a sense of understanding and support among each other that makes me feel identified and part of the ensemble.

Always try to get involved with the activities and workshops provided for international students, and check the newsletters that the college sends by e-mail. It keeps students informed about the notices from the college and special events.

Weijun Liu (Mumu) China

LEAP Program and University-transfer Program Graduate Now enrolled at UBC in Commerce

English is much more difficult than I thought it would be. To go through university study also can be quite challenging for me. However, as the popular LEAP saying goes: Nothing is impossible if you can finish four hours of homework each day! Enjoy your homework, enjoy your time in Langara, and then enjoy your university life.

Your friend: Mumu Liu

Joo Kyung (Sophia) Lee Taegu, South Korea

University-transfer Program at Langara University of British Columbia Sauder School of Business Graduate. Now Working in Calgary

Langara offers a high quality of education. Currently, I am taking one philosophy class at UBC but I do not feel studying at UBC is harder compared to studying at Langara. I think in some ways Langara offers a better education, especially for international students, than UBC does. For example, smaller classrooms, more chances to meet instructors to ask for help or more specified course work which helps me to get better grades.

I love the staff and instructors at Langara. During my studies, I had so many problems but whenever I asked for help, they did not hesitate to help me and they were great! So, even when I do not have any questions, I go and visit them because I love to chat with them. (But, please do not forget that when you ask questions, BE prepared and BE polite!)

I really enjoyed many activities. I strongly recommend that you join them whenever you feel lonely because they will make you feel you are one of the Langarians. Also, you will make lots of FRIENDS!

New students should take LEAP courses at Langara before you start academic study in Canada. The Langara English for Academic Purposes program is a fabulous choice if you decide to transfer to UBC or SFU after Langara. LEAP is an intensive academic English course to help you not get lost while you are studying at Langara.

Do not miss the New Students' Orientation. It is really helpful and will add more joy to your new school life.

Set your goal and plan to make your graduation faster. Before you register for the courses for your first semester, make an appointment with a counsellor and discuss what courses you need to graduate or transfer to other institutions. The Langara Counselling Department has many counsellors to help direct you to the right way.