NOTE: For more detailed information on using the new printing system, please visit our Printing Service catalogue page.

Welcome to the Printer Replacement Project

Printing, scanning and copying are important tools for instructional, academic and business purposes. Langara IT is working on replacing most printers on campus with new Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs). The goal of the project is to upgrade printers in order to provide a higher capacity, increased stability of the printing system, as well as more functionality for both students and employees.

Why is the Change Happening?

Why are we replacing printers on campus?

The Provincial Government conducted an RFP to determine a single vendor that is capable of supplying and managing the copy and printing needs of all the post secondary institutions at a significant cost savings by leveraging the buying strength of the institutions as a whole. Senior Leadership made the decision to take advantage of this as our contract with Canon was expiring as of October 2017. Extending the Canon contract any longer would have been extremely costly to the College, so the decision to implement Ricoh as the solution during the Fall 2017 term was required.

IT worked with Ricoh to conduct a thorough analysis of our current printing system and discovered that we are significantly overusing our Canon devices and that we require a solution that has a higher capacity. Printing user groups and departments were involved in providing requirements for the new printers.

What are some of the benefits of the new printing system?

Some key benefits of upgrading printers to MFDs are:

  • Increased functionality - most devices are being replaced with multifunctional devices (MFDs) that will allow for printing, scanning and copying.
  • Increased security and privacy – the new printers will require logging in with your Computer User ID, promoting security and confidentiality of materials being printed
  • Added convenience – after the new MFDs are installed, you will be able to print from anywhere on campus, at any printer.
  • Better reporting and analysis tools –this will allow us to assess and meet our printing needs more accurately. 
  • Higher capacity for printing
  • More reliable and new machines across campus
  • Improvements to overall system performance

Project Impact

What will change?

  • Most printers on campus will be replaced with Ricoh MFDs
  • Most new devices will allow for printing, scanning and copying
  • Employees and students will login with their Computer User ID and password at the MFD to release their printing
  • The new devices will allow for students to scan, copy and release printing from any student device on campus
  • The new devices will allow employees to scan, copy and release printing from any device on campus
  • Employees: department codes will no longer be used for printing
  • The devices will not automatically release printing anymore. You will log in directly to the device and securely release your printing. This promotes increased privacy.

When are the MFDs being installed?

Phase 1: The first phase was completed in September. It consisted of replacing all Canon devices on campus with the new MFDs.

Phase 2: The second phase consisted of replacing most of the remaining printers on campus (student and some department printers) from November to Janurary.

Phase 3: The third phase will consist of deploying ID access cards for the printers for faculty and staff in February.

Will there be Training?

We held over 12 in-class training sessions, thank you to all who attended! In cased missed them, please review the quick guides below for logging in and basic MFD functions:

Project contact:
Lawrence Carrington
Project Manager, Information Technology
T: 604.323.5394