In addition to personal email, departments can request generic email accounts. These allow a single point of contact, which more than one person can access.

  • All password changes for generic accounts must be requested in person, with picture ID.

Generic accounts will have a quota of 50 MB and be accessible via:

  • Web Browser:
  • PC: Thunderbird (needs to be setup by IT)
  • Mac: Apple Mail or Thunderbird (needs to be setup by IT)

IT will consider requests for such accounts on a case-by-case basis.

Who Can Use This Service?

  • Employees


How can I deal with email SPAM?

Users can do the following to help with the spam:

  1. Set up a filter in your myLangara webmail to delete, move, or flag suspected spam.
  2. Set up a filter in your email program (Thunderbird or Apple Mail) to do the same thing it. The first option, however, is better because it will work for all incoming emails, not just those read in the email program.
  3. Forward spam email to with a full header. This will help "teach" our email server's spam filter to better recognize spam.
  4. More tips on SPAM and Phising emails can be found here.