Client Services

1) Service Desk Move  

With the opening of the new Science and Technology building, we permanently moved the IT Service Desk to a more central location in the library, to better serve the College community

2) Community Outreach

We participated in New Student Orientation and International Student Orientation in the fall by opening activation stations for students to receive help with their accounts before the semester began. This helped decrease the amount of account related tickets during the first week of classes. 

3) T-building Success

We were given the task of equipping the entire new Science and Technology building, which included completing all network and AV installation in just 30 days. We were able to meet this deadline in time for the opening and occupancy of the T building and for the start of classes in September. 

4) Service Desk Stats

We responded to 19,495 requests in 2017! We successfully handled 54% of all requests in one day or less and 72% of all tickets within one week. 

5) AV Services

We overhauled AV in over twenty classrooms and theatres and upgraded legacy analogue systems to touch screen enabled control systems with HDMI connectivity. We also completed the replacement of over sixty outdated projectors. 

Project Updates

6) Telephone System

All phones on campus were upgraded to modern IP-based technology. This involved engaging the Langara community by conducting an employee survey to provide feedback and a vendor for the new system that meets current and future needs of the college. With the help of our co-op students, we worked to upgrade over 1000 phones on campus within 6 weeks.  

7) Goodbye Zimbra

We revived the Email Upgrade Project and selected Office 365 for our new email system. We transitioned all staff employees to Office 365 in just two and half months, which totaled 513 accounts, including 350 employees previously on Zimbra.

8) Banner Upgrades

To ensure Banner modules are upgraded to the most current versions, BRM was upgraded June 14, 2017; HR, Payroll and Finance were all upgraded on Nov 13, 2017; and Advancement was upgraded on Dec 4, 2017. We also released three service packs throughout the year with various updates, fixes and improvements. Highlights include: the CUPE Length of Service Report enhancement, TranscriptBC update, Symplicity for CS coop students and changes to registration priority.  


In September we rolled out phase one of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) project for the International Education department. The CRM provides functionality to manage prospect, applicant and student contacts and contributes to the College’s strategic initiatives. 

10) Office Moves

The opening of the new building meant a lot more space, but a lot of office moves as well! We moved, and reconnected the technology in about 280 offices, allowing employees to seamlessly transition to their new office space. 

Upgrades & Updates

11) Portal Upgrade

We conducted a huge upgrade to the aging mylangara portal. In early 2017 we replaced the hardware and software for the portal and portal email systems. This upgrade was a big success and helped stabilize our systems – a key goal of the Essential Systems Stabilization and Security Enhancements (ESSSE) project. 

12) myFiles Upgrade

We migrated the file server for employee and student share (O:/ Drive) to a new uniformed platform, myFiles. This allows students and employee to access their files from off campus. 

13) Computer Lab Upgrades

We conducted many upgrades to computer labs as well as created two new labs in the B building! B014 was made into a new 40-occupancy Mac Lab, and B018 was transformed from a classroom to 40 person dual purpose lab complete with hybrid desks to support an easy transition from classroom to full computer lab. 

14) AV Upgrades 

We rolled out a new AV control touch panel user interface with a simple and colourful design, as well as prototyped a wireless collaboration technology that allows users to wirelessly connect their laptop, mobile, and tablet devices to an AV system, as well as sharing content on screen in a collaborative setting. 


15) Strategic Planning Session

In April we held a department-wide strategic planning session. This session was a key step in allowing us to create a long term plan for IT that supports the College's future priorities and growth. The IT strategic plan is fully aligned with the College's vision and strategic plan. 

16) Maintenance Calendar

We created and published a maintenance calendar, which includes a proposed 18-month schedule for planned outages. This allows us to notify the community of outages far in advance. 

17) Plan of Record

A Plan of Record was created which is compiled of all current capital anf operational projects. The IT-Plan of record provides project status, deliverables, start and end dates, budget information as well as other pertinent information. 

18) myLangara IT Tab

In an ongoing effort to promote transparency and inform the Langara community of IT's efforts, we created the IT Info tab in myLangara. This tab allows all employees to view our current projects, Plan of Record, maintenance windows and the 2020 strategic plan.