In pursuit of education and a better life.  

In 2021, Canada became a world leader in the resettlement of refugees by welcoming over 20,000 refugees who were forced to leave their home countries due to war, persecution, corrupt governments, or other disasters. But, millions are still in need. Communities across Canada continue to welcome refugees, and we are expecting a noticeable increase in student applications due to the current political climate in several countries.  

Because of their circumstances, refugees face difficulties accessing basic necessities like food and water. They are in constant danger and face perilous situations trying to reach safety, navigating and enduring vulnerable situations daily. Needless to say, there is a great deal of suffering due to authoritarian regimes, violence, and as a result of persecution, oppression and exploitation.  

Across the globe, there are women like Shakila Zareen who dream of escaping war, conflict, poverty, and societal pressures to pursue an education and a better life. But without the right support, that dream is hard to realize.  

Our goal is to sponsor two new students with a full four-year scholarship or four new students with a two-year scholarship. The length of support will vary depending on the student’s program of study and will include travel costs, tuition, books, housing, food, health coverage, and other needs, such as application fees and settlement costs.  

With your support, the Humanitarian Impact Fund will help refugee students pursue their education in a safe environment where they are encouraged to realize their potential.