The Recreation Studies Department values their prospective and current students. Below are some resources to get started.

Prospective Students

The Recreation Studies Department currently offers two programs: Recreation Leadership Diploma Program and Bachelor of Management Program. See below for some quick facts about the two programs:

Recreation Leadership Diploma Program

Bachelor of Recreation Management Degree Program

Program Duration

2 years (full-time study)

2 years (full-time study)


2020 UPDATE: Online



Online flexibility

Cohort model

Practical work experience - 


Collaborative Online Intercultural Project Opportunities 

Diploma completion; ladders to the BRM program

Industry Certificates integrated:

…and more!

Online flexibility

50/50 Recreation and business course curriculum

Applied research project

Co-op Opportunity available

Degree completion program - – Rather than complete a full 4-year degree, this program is only 60 credits of study if you already have a credential or 60 -credits from another institution. 

Program Intake

All year-round, but September intake is encouraged

All year-round

Program page

Recreation Leadership Diploma Program

Bachelor of Recreation Management Degree Program

Coordinator contact

Yue-Ching Cheng (

2020 UPDATE: To adapt to this global pandemic, we will be offering all of our courses online for the first time in our 50-year history. This allows students much more flexibility with scheduling work/family life around school. In some courses there will still be dedicated ‘class-time’ where instructors teach live over web conference, while in other classes there will still be opportunities for field trips and other in-person activities. Overall, the programs will provide you with much more flexibility in scheduling. The learning environment will be the same as instructors will be as available just as before to have 1-on-1 student meetings should you need more support in your learning.

For more information:

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