• M.A. (Adult Education) Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto
  • B.A. (Divisional Humanities) Bishop’s University, Lennoxville, Qc.


Shannon's areas of expertise include experiential learning, facilitation training, leadership development, staff training, and creative programming for children and youth. She has been the managing director of Possibilities Training Group, a Vancouver-based consulting company, since 1998 (www.possibilitiestraining.com), where she designs and delivers interactive training for groups of all kinds in recreation centres, schools, corporations, non-profit agencies and resorts. Over the years, she has facilitated hundreds of workshops for recreation staff, teaching them "positive play" games, group initiatives, facilitation techniques, and a myriad of creative activities to help them create high quality recreation experiences for their clients. She has also worked for the YM-YWCA, Royal Caribbean International, Surrey Self-Employment and Entrepreneur Development Society and a school board in Seoul, Korea.

Shannon’s Philosophy on Teaching
I believe in learning by doing; and facilitating learning by actively engaging students in the learning process. I want to stir groups up. Get them talking to each other; thinking together; strategizing and problem-solving and overcoming obstacles together. Laughing a bit, too. For that is how I believe students learn to hear and be heard; how students learn to trust each other and be trusted. To me, this is the essence of learning.

My favourite quote about education:
“So now with some relief, I turn to an activity, a purpose, which really warms me – the facilitation of learning. When I have been able to transform a group – and here I mean all members of the group, myself included – into a community of learners, then the excitement is almost beyond belief. To free curiosity; to permit individuals to go charging off in new directions dictated by their own interests; to unleash curiosity, to open everything to questioning and exploration, to  recognize that everything is in the process of change - here is an experience I can never forget.” ~ Carl Rogers

Selected Publications

  • Fabulous Facilitation: 60 Energizing Activities to Build Connections, Engageyour Team, and Spruce up any Workshop, Staff Meeting, or Training Session.Vancouver: Possibilities Training Group Publications, 2012.
  • Power Play: Team-Building Games and Initiatives for Children and Youth, Shannon Wall & Michelle Morin. Victoria: Possibilities Training Group Publications, 2000.
  • Essay, “One Day at a Time”, in Mothering Canada: Interdisciplinary Voices, Demeter Press, 2009.
  • Article in the Globe and Mail, Never Going to Grow Up, Not Me, January 2002.
  • Masters Thesis, Language and Literacies in the Workplace: Towards an Integrated Approach, OISE, unpublished.
  • Social Accounting: Issues in Data Collection. Paper presented at the Canadian Association of Social Cooperatives, Spring 2002.

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Phone: 604.323.5683