Langara College and the Recreation Studies department are committed to providing opportunities for faculty and students to pursue research.

Faculty Applied Research Projects are completed by the Recreation Studies faculty to undertake research within the recreation field that will:

  • Design new innovative, engaging recreation courses for students in the Recreation Diploma and Degree Programs. 
  • Generate connection to the recreation field for continued professional development, to enhance community relations and share research findings. 
  • Provide opportunities to co-author with partners in the field of recreation strengthening connections to the field and increased dissemination of research.
  • Connect to the Langara academic plan. 

Below are the applied research reports and proposals:

2020- Indigenous Perspectives in Recreation: A Listening Project (Janet Ready)

2019- Recreation: A Career With Purpose (Joane Edey-Nicholl) 

2018 - [Proposal] Why people choose a career in Recreation and how to promote Recreation as a chosen career versus a path to a different career (by Joanne Edey-Nicoll)

2018 - Inviting Creativity: a Toolkit for Socially Engaged Creative Practices (by Cyndy Chwelos and Elizabeth MacKenzie)

2017 - Recreation Competencies and Leaning Outcomes: North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission (by Janet Ready and Joanne Edey-Nicoll)

2017 - Connecting People to Nature in Partnership with BCRPA (by Janet Ready)

2016 - Community Engaged Arts in Recreation: Leading from Beside [Watch Video] (by Cyndy Chwelos and Marie Lopes)

2015 - Physical Literacy Community Health Initiative: Burnaby Healthy Community Partnership (by Janet Ready)

2015 - Recreation Studies - Experiential and International Learning Opportunities (by Erin Wilkins)

2014 - BCRPA Recreation and Parks Performance Measurement Project Phase 1B (by Joanne Edey-Nicoll)