Shervin Shahriari is a Business Management instructor in the Langara School of Management and teaches a number of courses including Project Management, Operations Management, and others.

What is your favourite activity or hobby outside of Langara?

I like to hike up the grouse grind, or ride my bike with my wife and daughter around the North Shore. I also do Tai Chi at least once a week.

What has been your most positive teaching moment at Langara?

A couple of my past students paid a visit one day to say how some of the material they had learned helped them gain confidence at their jobs. I asked them if they wanted to come and say a few words to my new students. They did which helped my new students gain a better understanding of the usefulness of some of the material covered. Now I from time to time I ask past students if they would like to share some of their experiences with new students.

I also learn a lot from experiences and insights of my past students.

Given COVID, how would you enable past students to talk to your current students in a virtual environment?

The virtual environment allows me to reach out to previous students who have graduated and may even reside in a different city. They can do a virtual live presentation remotely, share their relevant experiences and even take a few questions.

What do you do to stay positive during COVID?

Since I miss the informal interactions that occurred outside the classroom and around the campus, I find keeping informal channels open with students help me stay positive.For example, I do keep in touch with the student community through the Langara Management in Motion student club. In addition, I am grateful when past or present students contact me. Students know that they can contact me anytime if they want to chat virtually or just say hello. This happened a few times after the disruptions caused by the pandemic and I set up some virtual meetings for students to share how they were coping with the situation. Sometimes it helps to remind ourselves we are all in this together.

What is the best way to contact you?

Email works best. My email is